Fresh Scent LLC Expands

Fresh Scent LLC Is Growing Fast Due to Popular Demand Fresh Scent LLC, a one-of-a-kind odor elimination process currently serving Port Orange, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Flagler, Volusia, Seminole, Orange, Brevard, St. Lucie, Osceola, Okeechobee, Martin, Palm Beach Broward and Dade counties, South Florida and the entire state…and it is quickly growing due to popular … Read More

Daytona Beach May Events…Courtesy of Fresh Scent LLC

Daytona Beach, the “World Center of Racing” and known for having one of the “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches,” offers so many fabulous attractions throughout the year. Here is just some of what is going on in May… Get in gear for the Spirit of the Automobile May 21st. This event showcases muscle cars, sports cars and exotics…even motorcycles, RVs and … Read More

Removing odors before selling you car

Practical Uses: Removing Odors Before Selling Your Car Need to sell your car, but even after you wash and vacuum it, you worry about the smells you left behind? Fresh Scent LLC is the perfect solution. The Fresh Scent LLC odor elimination service professionally removes odors from any surface, including carpet. So no more worries. Just obliterate those lingering smells … Read More

Getting ready for the inlaws

Practical Uses: Remove Pet Odors Before the In Laws Come to Town Ah, the in laws. I think most of us agree that is all that needs to be said. She ever give you that scrunched up face when she watches you make dinner? He ever give you advice in a way that you know he thinks you know nothing … Read More

May Events in New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach May Events New Smyrna Beach is brimming with a wide variety of fun events in May: If you like live entertainment, stop by Beachside Tavern on May 7th for live tunes by Control This. Then, enjoy the New Smyrna Beach Blue Festival from May 12th – 15th when talented musicians will fill the air in New Smyrna … Read More

Practical Uses – Boat


Practical Uses – Boat Fishing trips can be great fun, but the clean-up is NOT. And fishing can offer its own particular set of smelly issues…from bait to (hopefully) your catch! “I was out fishing with my family the other day, and when we came home, I tried this amazing odor elimination service called Fresh Scent LLC. My neighbor had … Read More

Clean Out Your RV After a Vacation

Clean out your RV

Practical Use: Clean out your RV after a long vacation If you are like me, and you like to take long, relaxing vacations in your RV or camper, you may want to pay close attention… Want to eliminate all the smells you collected along the way – from cooking smells to pet odors? Got a husband who smokes stinky cigars … Read More

The Practical Implications of Our Service: Getting Your Deposit Back


The Practical Implications of Our Service: Getting Your Deposit Back Getting ready to move out of your apartment and worrying that pet odor may prevent you from getting your deposit back? Fresh Scent LLC uses a safe treatment, guaranteed to eliminate odors on any surface, and it is totally different from any odor elimination service you have ever run across. … Read More

Safe and Guaranteed Odor Elimination on Any Surface!

Fresh Scent LLC – Safe, Guaranteed Odor Elimination on Any Surface! Want to eliminate that musty smell in your basement or garage? Can’t get rid of smoke odor from cigarettes, cigars or pipes? Need your fitness center to smell fresh? Fresh Scent LLC odor elimination is the solution. We are the perfect solution for removing odors on anything anywhere! Freshen … Read More

A Fresh Idea in Odor Elimination

A Fresh Idea in Odor Elimination Fresh Scent LLC odor elimination is not a masking agent. It is a chemical process that actually obliterates odors, and ensures that those odors will not return unless reintroduced again! Professionally remove odors from any surface, including carpet. Fresh Scent LLC leaves no odor behind and is 100% safe for children, adults and animals. … Read More