Car Odor Removal

Our Expertise is Odor Elimination

addict-84430_640Car odors can vary from cigarettes smoke, pets, food, rust, mold and so much more. Are you the owner of a car, recreational vehicle, truck or van? If so, there is good news. Fresh Scent LLC are experts at odor removal. Forget about the fresheners that you have hanging on your mirror, they only mask and fill your vehicle with a particular scent never addressing or removing the “offending odor”. We will remove all odors naturally in a safe and long lasting way.

Stop using harmful sprays and chemicals to mask odors.

Your vehicle is a relatively small confined space and when you introduce a scent to it whether good or bad it will linger for a while. Fresh Scent LLC odor removal is guaranteed to last a lifetime unless odors are reintroduced.

Removing Smoke Odor in Cars


You bought a used car and got inside only to find that the car reeks of cigarette, cigar or pipe smoke. If you are not a smoker this scent can be offensive and can ruin the value of your vehicle. If you have tried opening the windows to air it out, cleaning the ashtrays thoroughly, cleaned it inside out and the scent hasn’t gone away you will need our help. Agents such as smoke can seep into your upholstery, dashboard and especially into the floor carpet and roof top. What you can’t easily get at are the padding in seats, and the plastics inside the dash, including air ducts. Fresh Scent LLC will target these areas in your car to remove these unwanted odors forever.

Getting Rid of Moldy Odors

moldWhen the interior of your vehicle gets damp from opened windows letting rain in or spilled drinks it will leave a moldy smell. The odor is caused when moisture seeps into a surface and stays around long enough to form bacteria and mildew. As the bacteria and mildew grows, so does an unpleasant musky scent. You can begin by examining your seats or where the odor is coming from. Your air conditioning system can also cause moldy smell. When the A/C is running, water condenses and attracts dust, pollen, spores, and other germs. This later forms fungi and causes a mildew smell that can be treated. Don’t sit in that moldy stench any longer. No matter what is making your car smell bad don’t get discouraged, let us help!  Give us a call for a free estimate and allow us to clean the scent in your car today!  (561) 317-2129.

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