Dog Smell – Pet Odor Removal Service in Florida

Pet Owners Know That Musty Smells Are Part of the Package When Owning an Animal.

Pet odor removal in FloridaPets are a wonderful addition to the family and even though they are cute and playful they can also produce a malodor. The determining factors of your pet’s odor depends on it’s lifestyle. If you have a pet that plays outside it will sweat, pick up dirt, bacteria, and all sorts of odors from the floor, grass and play areas. When your dog lies on your couch, floor, bed or on your lap it will leave behind an odor.

The Problem With Pet Urine and Odor Within The Home.

dogs-1642378_640When your pet urinates on the floor or on carpeted areas, it releases a strong foul scent. Odor from urine is rich in nitrogen and can have a strong ammonia smell along with other waste products contain foul smelling bacteria. When you combine these strong odors with improper clean up, you are stuck with a smell that won’t go away. When accidents happen, the liquid doesn’t just sit on the surface. It seeps down into the fibrous material. That is where odor lives, and can be the most difficult place to reach. Homeowners get used to the smell and fail to realize it remains after they clean up. Every pet owner knows how difficult it can be to eliminate this stench even after proper cleaning. This is when you need professional assistance.

Eliminating Pet Odors with Fresh Scent LLC.

dog-1212400_640Fresh Scent LLC understands that pets are part of the family and we take very seriously the health of your pets and loved ones. We will only treat areas prone to malodor from pets with non-toxic cleaning agents that will not leave harsh scents or harmful chemicals behind. With our odor removal services you will not be able to detect anymore foul smells in the home (unless reintroduced). Give us a call for a free estimate (561)317-2129.

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