A Fresh Look at Odor Elimination

Fresh Scent, LLC is an odor elimination process unlike any other. It doesn’t simply mask odors. It’s a specially formulated chemical process that destroys odors…any odors. It eliminates smells including urine and other pet odor from litter boxes, pet bedding and carpet. It makes stale, lingering smoke odors from cigarettes, cigars and pipes disappear. It keeps fitness centers and yoga studios free of body odor and commercial bathrooms fresh smelling. Musty smells due to mold or mildew in basements and garages are part of the past with Fresh Scent, LLC. In fact, Fresh Scent, LLC is so strong, it can even remove sulfur, nitrogen and sewage treatment smells in industrial settings!

Don’t let its strength fool you. Even though Fresh Scent, LLC is stronger than any other odor elimination product on the market, it is guaranteed to be 100% safe for adults, children and pets. It’s nonflammable, nontoxic, noncorrosive and environmentally friendly. Fresh Scent, LLC professional and safely removes odors, through advanced chemical technology, from any surface including carpet and leaves absolutely no odor behind.

Fresh Scent, LLC is perfect for homes, businesses, RVs, cars, mobile homes, trucks, boat bilges and more. Any place that needs to smell fresher is a place for the Fresh Scent, LLC odor elimination process.

Fresh Scent, LLC serves West Palm County, Broward County, Dade County and all Central and South Florida, including Port Orange, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Flagler, Volusia, Seminole, Orange, Brevard, St. Lucie, Osceola, Okeechobee, Martin and Palm Beach. For your free consultation, call 561-317-2129 or email freshscent01@gmail.com. Our knowledgeable consultants are on hand to provide courteous, dependable service and to make your Fresh Scent, LLC experience a pleasurable one.