Fresh Scent, LLC Available in Palm Beach County

Having trouble getting rid of smoke odor from cigarettes, cigars or pipes? Does that musty smell in your basement, garage or bilge keep returning even after you clean it time and time again? That stinks! But don’t worry, there is a safe, effective way to eliminate odors for good unless they are reintroduced…Fresh Scent, LLC…and it is available in Palm Beach County!

Fresh Scent, LLC is a remarkable odor eliminator solution that ensures odors will be eliminated and will not return unless reintroduced, and it works on anything, anywhere! Freshen your car, RV, mobile home or boat. Eliminate pet odors from carpet. Stop worrying about stale odors in your yoga studio or fitness center. Make sure your home is absolutely odor-free, and those musty smells in your basement or garage never return.

Fresh Scent, LLC is strong enough to remove sulfur, nitrogen and sewage treatment smells in industrial settings, yet 100% safe for children, adults and pets. It is not a masking. It is a nonflammable, nontoxic, noncorrosive and environmentally-friendly process specially formulated to encapsulate and bind airborne and surface molecules for immediate odor elimination.

Stop using harmful enzymes that only mask odors, and start using a safe, permanent odor elimination process that can last a lifetime. If you live in Palm Beach County, we’re here to help. Call 561-317-2129 for your free Fresh Scent, LLC consultation.