Fresh Scent, LLC…The Best Doggone Odor Eliminator Ever!

Dogs can be cute, cuddly and often fiercely protective of us. They keep us company; they keep us warm; they give us love. Let’s face it…we sometimes like our dogs more than we like people.

However, there are times when our dogs are a handful, they misbehave or they stink. Yes, all dog owners know about dog stink. They can get into garbage and other unmentionables and smell particularly bad, or they can just build up that “dog smell” in between doggie baths. Either way, that smell can seep into our carpet, furniture, bed linens (if we are the type of owners who happen to sleep with our dogs) leaving the house with a hint of ode de kennel.

That is only the tip of the dog smell iceberg. All dog owners know it can even get worse. I came home one time to an incomparable dog stench. My poor fuzzy friend had contracted some sort of stomach flu and had uncontrollably done some pretty unspeakable things to my carpet and floors. I scrubbed and scrubbed, but it seemed as if that smell just lingered no matter how hard I cleaned.

Never fear, dog lovers of America! There is a solution – Fresh Scent, LLC! Fresh Scent is totally different from other odor eliminators. Its strength is so amazing that it is used in industrial settings to remove sulfur, nitrogen and sewage treatment smells! It’s not a masking agent. It is a chemical process specially formulated to encapsulate and bind airborne and surface molecules for IMMEDIATE and PERMANENT odor elimination. And with Fresh Scent, you never have to worry about safety. Fresh Scent is 100% safe for any surface and pets. It is nonflammable, nontoxic, noncorrosive and completely environmentally friendly.