Professional Odor Removal

Fresh Scent LLC Removes Unwanted Odors From Most Types of Businesses

Businesses that could benefit from our odor removal services would be Hotels, Condominiums, Hospitals, Marinas, Motels, Bowling Alleys, Yoga Studios, Schools, Medical Facilities, Offices, Movie Theaters, Assisted Living Facilities, Car Dealerships, Restaurants, Realty Companies, Home Builders, Warehouses, Liquor Stores, Boat Tours, Commercial Bus Lines, Salons, Spas, Coffee Shops, Malls and more!

Our Odor Elimination Services

yachts-331744_640Marinas store a variety of boats and with time these boats collect dust, mold, mildew, and foul odors by just sitting around for long periods of time. Boats that are aired with regular use rarely smell but if it isn’t, you may need professional help. The accumulation of human sweat, mold, mildew and diesel fumes can make a pretty powerful stink!  Fresh Scent LLC will remove the offending odors from boats no matter the size. Allow us to come in and remove all unwanted malodors.

Removing Unwanted Odors from Hospitals and Medical Facilities

hospital-1802679_640Hospitals and Medical Facilities need our services in a urgent way. Hospital floors are adorned with excrements, sweat and blood leaving behind those foul odors that turn the stomach. Fresh Scent LLC will eliminate these odors with advanced chemistry to encapsulate and bind the malodor airborne and surface molecules for immediate odor control and elimination. Fresh Scent LLC is 100% water base, non flammable, non toxic, non corrosive, natural organic, bio-degradable, non polluting, no CFC’s.

Office Odor Elimination

double-sink-1416377_640Offices that employ many people and don’t get cleaned regularly can generate foul odors. From the spilled drinks on the carpet, the dirty lunch rooms, to the heavily used bathrooms, there is going to be an odor left behind. Believe it or not, even traffic from walking can leave musty odors on the carpet from dirty shoes. This is where Fresh Scent LLC comes in with our modern equipment and non-toxic products to remove those odors.

Fresh Scent LLC offers Free Estimates

No matter what type of business you run, you can benefit from our services. Fresh Scent LLC simply destroys and digests odors.“Leaves no residual odor or fragrance”. Our services are safe for humans, animals and completely environmentally friendly. Give us a call for a free estimate (561) 317-2129.

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