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Fresh Scent LLC typical applications:




  • Urine Odors: cats, dogs, humans, pets
  • Skunks Odors: pets, homes, people
  • Garage and musty mildew basement
  • Litter Cages and boxes
  • Automobiles, trucks, RV’s,
  • Mobile Homes
  • Smoke: cigarette, cigar, pipe
  • Pets, pet bedding
  • Bathrooms, portable toilets
  • Boat bilge
  • Fitness facilities
  • Laundry room
  • Sewage odors and matter
  • Industrial applications for Sulphur and Nitrogen compounds, sewage treatment, plant, household, institutional

How it works:

onion-651137_640All major classes of malodors are eliminated: Sulphide (rotten eggs, rotting vegetables) urine, tobacco, and more.

Fresh Scent LLC is not a masking agent.

anti-33030_640It does not anesthetize the nose. Fresh Scent LLC simply goes to the source of odors to digest and eliminate them permanently.

Advanced Technology:

nicotine-855124_640Fresh Scent LLC used advanced chemistry to encapsulate and bind the malodor airborne and surface molecules for immediate odor control and elimination.

100% Natural

droplets-195838_640Fresh Scent LLC is 100% water base, non flammable, non toxic, non corrosive, natural organic, bio-degradable, non polluting, no CFC’s.

Historic forms of control:

Fresh Scent LLC simply destroys and digests odors.
“Leaves no residual odor or fragrance”. Fresh Scent LLC is safe for humans, animals and super environmentally friendly.


Applications of perfumes or other odor maskers in areas to be treated. Masking a negative of or with a more appealing fragrance thereby introducing a second layer of odor. Unfortunately the effect may be overpowering or only slightly less objectionable than the original odor.


Anesthetizing the nose receptors is common thanks to volatile, flammable chemicals (ie citrus) so the receptors cannot function. Odor masking perfumes and chemicals that deaden receptors in the nose wear off, and the odor returns, because of its cause persists.