Smoke Odor Removal in Florida

Say Goodbye to Odors caused by Smoke.

smoke-69124_640Smoke can come from cigarettes, stoves, candles, oil lamps, fireplaces, etc. Smoke odor can linger for very long periods of time depending on the causing agent. For example, when there are smokers in the home the cigarette smoke can go on furniture, curtains, carpet, clothing, hair and skin. We can’t help you eliminate the smoke on yourself but we can remove the odor from your home, work or vehicles.

What Are the Perks of using Fresh Scent LLC?

addict-84430_640Fresh Scent LLC will treat the area that is affected and safely remove the odors left behind. Our product is Ultra Concentrated and water based which makes it environmentally safe and safe for children, pets and adults. No Applications of perfumes or other odor maskers are used in areas that are treated. We do not mask a negative odor with an appealing fragrance that will introduce a second layer of odor. This is defeating the purpose of odor elimination. Fresh Scent LLC removes not hides malodor.

Treating Odor Problems in Commercial and Residential Properties.

cigarette smokeIf you have a smoker in your home or business you may already have that lingering unmistakable odor of stale smoke. Worry no more! Don’t turn family or business clients away because you are too embarrassed of them smelling your home or workplace, give us call to solve your problem. Fresh Scent LLC will service Residential or Commercial properties for an affordable price.  No job too big or too small give us a call (561)317-2120.

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