We recently bought a used van and it smelled funky. After a few weeks of driving it and leaving the windows down, I thought the smell had dissipated. One day I left my jacket in the van for a couple of days and when I needed it, I was not able to wear it, because it had taken on the weird smell from my van, which apparently was still lingering. Donn with Fresh Scent, LLC came to the rescue. He treated my van with his wonderful product and I even tested the results by leaving my jacket in the van again for a few days. Low and behold, it did not have that same weird smell anymore. I can highly recommend Fresh Scent, LLC to anyone who wants to make their car, van or house smell great. Claudia
Terrific results in less than 15 minutes!

My wife is one of those people who has a keen sense of smell. She did not like the smell of our vehicle and took it back to the dealership for further treatments. Unable to detect any odor myself, we had all the filters changed, still not resolving her keen senses. Then the sales manager mentioned a new process, and PRESTO, Fresh Scent LLC eliminated all odors by the time I returned home. Thank you !Christopher C.

Our dog vomited in three spots on our living room carpet and it sat until we got home from work. The smell was awful, even after using pet carpet cleaner and our wet-vacuum. I called Fresh Scent LLC and Donn was able to come out the same day. Thanks to Fresh Scent LLC, our living room is clean and odor free!Shannon and Steve, West Palm Beach
Dear Mr Hill, Many thanks for your speedy assistance in my smoke issue in my rental property in The Villages Fl. I only wish I had contacted you sooner after just one application my odors are gone. My property manager called and they now have a contract pending! I will refer you to all my friends and family. Happy Holidays! Sincerely Jeanette P. Long Island NY
Dear Mr. Hill,

It was a miracle that you solved our odor problem. What a fantastic company with such quality service. One treatment and the problem was SOLVED. Fresh Scent LLC’s number is on speed-dial in our phones. We will not try other companies nor products, ever again.Thankfully Odorless, Royal Palm Beach, FL

I called Fresh Scent LLC to come to my home for a free consultation. Upon his arrival he noticed right away the odor that we were smelling. Mr Hill took his time in educating us on the proper way to eliminate the odor so it does not return.
The following day he arrived on time, very professional in appearance and performed the treatment on our home.
We are very pleased with Fresh Scent LLC. It has been 3 weeks now and still no odor.
Thank you Fresh Scent LLC.
I want to thank Fresh Scent LLC for coming to my rescue. My son and daughter in law visited last month. They brought their 2 dogs, cute, and loving, but the little one is not house trained. Needless to say I had my carpets cleaned I sprayed and scrubbed but couldn’t get the odor out. I called Fresh Scent LLC they came over the same day and treated my home. I can now breath fresh air once again. I wish I had called them sooner. Martha J