A Healthy Home

In a health conscious time, when we are more careful about what we ingest, the air we breathe and even what we absorb through our skin, it is also important to ensure that our homes are healthy…a safe haven for our families. One way to do that is to avoid potentially hazardous cleaning sprays and chemicals. Chemical cleaning products and … Read More

Fresh Scent, LLC…The Best Doggone Odor Eliminator Ever!

Dogs can be cute, cuddly and often fiercely protective of us. They keep us company; they keep us warm; they give us love. Let’s face it…we sometimes like our dogs more than we like people. However, there are times when our dogs are a handful, they misbehave or they stink. Yes, all dog owners know about dog stink. They can … Read More

Attention Car Dealers: Get the Most from Your Investment!

Many people spend a lot of time in their cars, with long commutes and countless carpools. We drink (and spill) coffee in our cars, eat lunch in our cars and tote stinky soccer players to and from seemingly endless practices and games. The odors in our cars can tend to reflect our lives, and, let’s face it, that’s not always … Read More